Sunday, July 17, 2011

Something New

I've now completed one full year of taking a photo every day and posting it AND one full year of The Daily Shoot.  I've learned a lot and feel I've grown as a photographer.  I will continue to take lots of photographs and work on improving more.  I'm now in the habit of taking my camera everywhere, looking for great subjects, and trying different shots from many angles.  Am I starting to think like a photographer?

What's next?

The Photo Idea Index by Jim Krause is what's next for me.  I read about this book here and then found a used copy for a reasonable price.  I've read the introduction and first chapter and so far I'm very impressed!

From the introduction:
. . . Photo Idea Index is primarily a "what if" book--as opposed to a "how to" book.  If there's one thing that this book aims to leave in the mind of the individual read (regardless of their level of photographic or artistic experience), it's this:  YOU are your camera's best view finder. . .
Most of the shots in this book were taken using the 4 megapixel Canon pocket digital camera . . . The lighting equipment for the studio shots was purchased at a hardware outlet (as opposed to a photography store). . . 
The reasons for this creativity-before-pricey-equipment approach to photography are aligned with the beliefs that good composition and intriguing subject matter are interdependent of the camera that captures them, and the photographer who is creative and resourceful will be able to capture aesthetically sound and communicative photographs using practically any kind of functioning equipment.
The photos in the book are obviously professional and beautiful!  It reminds me of this quote I came across recently:
A photographer went to a socialite party in New York. As he entered the front door, the host said, "I love your pictures - they're wonderful. You must have a fantastic camera." He said nothing until dinner was finished, then remarked, "That was a wonderful dinner, you must have a terrific stove." ~Sam Haskins
Boy have I learned this lesson.  With a simple point-n-shoot camera I was able to improve taking photos by using a few simple tips; same camera, world of difference!  Anyone can learn to take better photos, even with a camera on your phone or a simple point-n-shoot camera.  Even though an SLR style camera is on my wish list, I really don't need it to take great photos.

What I plan to do is go through this book, doing the challenges two or three a week and post the photos here, along with a Daily Shoot once a week or so.

I'm off to get started with the first assignment!



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